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Empower Your Team with Safety Excellence

Transforming Workplaces Through Expert Consultancy, Training & Coaching


Hello, I'm Lorna McBreen, and safety isn't just my profession - it's my passion. With over two decades of experience as a Safety Consultant, Trainer, and Executive and Emotional Intelligence Coach, I've dedicated myself to ensuring workplaces are not just compliant but thriving hubs of safety and productivity.

Picture of Lorna McBreen, Safety Consultant and Coach


At ESS Ltd, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to elevate your organization's health, safety, and overall performance. From innovative health and safety consultancy to empowering training programs, our expert team is dedicated to providing the tools and support your workforce needs to thrive. Explore our offerings to see how we can help you create a safer, healthier, and more productive workplace.

Health and Safety Consultancy 

Are you seeking a cost-effective and streamlined approach to manage your organization's health and safety requirements? Look no further than ESS Ltd. Outsourcing your health and safety management to us can revolutionise the way you safeguard your workplace while optimising resources.

Health and Safety Training 

Looking to empower your team with essential skills and knowledge in workplace safety? ESS Ltd offers a diverse range of training courses designed to equip your workforce with the expertise they need to navigate today's safety challenges effectively.

Mental Health Training

Integrating Mental Health First Aid into your organisation's strategy creates a workplace where team members feel valued, supported and empowered. By developing a  greater understanding of common mental health issues,  as well as how best to support and guide someone to  professional help, you can help further reduce the stigma associated with mental health.

Executive Coaching 

We believe in the profound impact coaching can have on individuals and organisations, serving as a powerful catalyst for personal and professional growth. Our Executive Coaching delves deep into leadership development, addressing the core issues hindering your desired outcomes. We're outcomes-focused that centers around you.

Emotional Intelligence Assessment and Coaching 

We use the Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i 2.0), a globally renowned tool based on years of research to help you perform better and develop as a person. The EQ-i 2.0 functions as an online self-evaluation tool, complemented by options like the multi-rater EQ 360 and Group Assessment. The assessment gives you a detailed report with your Emotional Intelligence score, strengths, and areas for improvement. It even has a Well-Being Indicator that shows how happy you are.

Exceeding Safety Standards

At ESS Ltd, we're not just about meeting safety standards - we're about exceeding them. Our comprehensive approach to safety consultancy, training, and coaching is designed to empower your team and transform your workplace into a beacon of safety excellence.

With over 20 years of expertise, we bring unmatched knowledge and experience to every project. From conducting thorough gap analyses to designing tailored improvement plans, our consultancy services are the cornerstone of effective safety management.

But we don't stop there. Our training programs go beyond compliance, equipping your team with the skills and knowledge they need to proactively identify and mitigate risks. And with our executive and emotional intelligence coaching, we empower leaders to foster a culture of safety and accountability at every level of your organization.

At ESS Ltd, safety isn't just a priority - it's our passion. Let us help you elevate your safety standards, empower your team, and transform your workplace. Contact us today to learn more about how we can partner with you to achieve safety excellence.


“I came into this with open eyes .. not knowing what it was I wanted out of it, but knowing I needed it. Lorna worked with me before the sessions started to scope what the next 6 months would look like, what the focus would be and how we would get there. Lorna wasn’t afraid to hold me to account, things that were discussed were always circled back to in the future.. promises I made were questioned at a later date to ensure I had done what had been said. The changes I have made through coaching have helped position me to be the leader my role is designed to be and given me the positivity and confidence to help my team be successful in their roles”

Dan Warwick, 

Health and Safety Director, UK, Merlin Entertainments


“Lorna coached me through a work transition with care and passion. She listened to what I wanted to achieve and crafted our time together with that end goal in mind. I cannot thank her enough and would not hesitate in recommending Lorna to any professionals looking for a coach.”

Chris Turin, 

Senior Commercial Contracts Consultant, Diafora


"Lorna has provided me with a non-judgmental listening ear and valuable support. This allowed me to look objectively at my business, which helped me  gain clarity on the direction I needed to go.  Her support also has helped me regain my confidence and  believe in my capabilities. I left each session feeling energised and full of new ideas to put into action. 
I've truly valued my time with Lorna and would highly recommend her."

Lisa McShane, 

IT Consultant, Babblebirdk


"Lorna has an exceptional ability to tap into the deeper layers of truth. The things that you have bottled up inside that are so dearly important to you and afraid to say...she holds a space for you to say it. Through her coaching, she teases out the best way for you to put in place a plan to take your work, or your passions, or both, to the next level! Working with Lorna put me at ease that every decision I was making was taking me in the direction I needed to go in order to be the best version of me, for myself, and for the people in my life."

Mariem Omari, 

Artistic Director, Bijli Productions


"Lorna is without doubt one of the most knowledgeable and experienced safety professionals I have ever worked and collaborated with. With an open and pragmatic approach to simple, practical and forward thinking ways of working she translates the complex and often impenetrable world of legal and industry governance into relatable, and engaging strategies and programs.

Alongside being highly approachable, and supportive of her team and wider stakeholders, she embodies high trust and zero harm culture and is an absolute asset to our organisation.    "

Alexander Rhodes

Director of operations, Nostra


"I had the very great pleasure of working with Lorna in the SSE Renewables Onshore Wind Development and Construction Team from 2010. Lorna us an incredible SHE Manager; knowledgeable, proactive, with a good eye for detail and a hands on approach and manner that very quickly puts contractors at their ease and ensures that SHE messages are quickly disseminated with maximum buy - in. Lorna sets high standards and was largely responsible for single handedly creating the standard SHE specification used to ensure the highest standards of safety were adopted on SSE Renewables sites. I would gladly work with Lorna again anytime."

William Jack

Programme Development Manager, SSE Renewables 


"An exceptional individual who excels in her field.

Lorna has brought significant change on every major project by being knowledgeable, approachable and most of all diligent in all matters with the intention to ensure everyone goes home safely and the environment is only positively impacted by her innovation and drive."

Charlie Cryans

Director of Construction, SSE 


"I have known Lorna for a number of years, primarily when she joined the IOSH West of Scotland Executive Committee. Lorna plays a keep part in the Committee and has volunteered for many sub-committee's. Primarily the Certificate of Merit Dinner which runs like clockwork annually (COVID excepted).

Lorna is a go to person and has such a wealth of knowledge Mentor's younger IOSH Members. I would like to say the Lorna is a pleasure to be associated with not only within IOSH but also a professional colleague.    "

George Mills 

Health and Safety Manager GRAHAM


"I  worked with Lorna for a number of years and I can attest to the fact that Lorna is an exemplar professional on so many levels; Lorna has a level of experience and knowledge that indicates just how busy she has been with her education and career to date, and how dedicated she is to her profession. Lorna also has a communication skill set that some PR departments do not possess and this makes her an amazing advocate for her specialism and the business at the very highest tables. Lorna is also one of the best leaders I have worked with and this trio of skills is so unusual and so coveted by so many organisations. Lorna operates at the highest level and also at the coal face with equal passion and is an amazing asset to any organisation."

Richard Nailor

Independent Engineering Audit and Assurance Professional 

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