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Improving safety performance through EQ Coaching

🔶 Improving safety performance through EQ coaching 🔶

🤔 Have you ever thought how improving you and your team's Emotional Intelligence (EQ) could help improve safety performance in your organisation?

🔍 Research shows that individuals who have higher EQ are more likely to take a proactive approach than be passive when faced with a challenging situation.

🛑 People with higher EQ are more likely to stop an unsafe task and look for advice from a more experienced person or supervisor. They look to increase their safety knowledge and improve their safety related situational awareness.

👀 In the workplace, individuals with higher EQ are more vigilant, resulting in them being more cautious, paying more attention and anticipating change resulting in improved safety performance.

Are you interested in improving your emotional intelligence and making a positive impact in the workplace in 2023? If so, get in touch and let's talk about undertaking an Emotional Intelligence Assessment and building strategies to enable you to improve safety performance in the workplace.

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