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Emotional Intelligence

What’s Emotional Intelligence?

Results so far on the poll show that not everyone is aware of what Emotional intelligence is, and that's great as over the coming weeks I will be sharing more about Emotional Intelligence and how as Safety Professionals we need to hone in on these skills and the benefits of making Emotional Intell igence part of our PDP.

Emotional intelligence is a set of emotional and social skills that influence the way we:

🟠 Perceived and express ourselves

🟠 Develop and maintain relationships’

🟠 Cope with challenges and

🟠 Use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way.

Let’s make this very simple - emotional intelligence is all about being smarter with feelings. It’s about being able to blend thinking and feeling so you can make better decisions.

It is all about being ‘people smart’ - about relating to yourself and others.

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